Kit Hercules


The Hercules sliding gate kit.

The Hercules kit can be put together in various ways, with both the 24V and 230V motor versions available in the Stagnoli catalogue. The opening and closing delays safeguard the integrity of your gate. The electronic and mechanical parts are protected from external agents. The mounting plate is included in the kit. The wide range of Stagnoli accessories can meet all the needs of the fitter and of the end user.
technical specifications
CODE SH502302100 SH50024100 AV223 AFAP20 APGL ASM1S ACRAD-S
DESCRIPTION sliding gearmotor sliding gearmotor transmitter photocells flashing light wall-type key-pad switch limit
KIT CODE HER001L (230V) • •
HER020L (24V) • •
HER001-FL (230V)
HER020-FL (24V)
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