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In order to properly install Stagnoli automation, you’ll need to know the type of door/gate, its size and weight, the mode of application, and lastly its end use. Choosing the correct motor is essential for ensuring smooth operation and long life.

Stagnoli offers a wide range of security products such as photocells, safety edges, and signal lights.

Stagnoli produces a wide range of accessories and automated systems, but we do not sell gates.

All Stagnoli products for gate automation, both sliding and swing, can withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero. In case of heavy snowfall, be sure to clear the snow from the area affected by the movement of the gate to prevent the motor blocking on contact with the obstacle and the photocells not being visible.

Yes, this is prescribed by the Machinery Directive.

All Stagnoli products for gate automation, both sliding and swing, are fitted with a practical release system to open and close the gate manually in case of power failure. In the 24V versions there is also a handy card for connection to the emergency batteries which allows optimal performance in all situations.

Of course! For example with a Stagnoli Venus two-channel transmitter you can store the sliding gate on channel 1 and the sectional garage door on channel 2.

24V technology maximises the potential of your automated system both in practical terms and in terms of security:
• In the event of a power failure the electronics detect the fault and allow the activation of the emergency batteries (optional)
• ideal for intense automated system use
• customisation for opening and closing times and slowing down for silent closure

The warranty on our products, for the consumer, is 24 months (two years) from the date of purchase, in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 No. 206 of the Consumer Code). The seller of the Stagnoli products is directly liable with regards to the consumer and shall acknowledge the latter’s right to warranty on our products. For any action taken regarding this right, consumers should contact the seller, and only the seller, who supplied the consumer and must also report any defects and flaws in the product within two months of discovery. The warranty becomes void if the user fails to report the defect within the specified timeframe or if the parts returned as faulty have been in any way altered or repaired.

For information on the Machinery Directive guidelines and the UNAC guides for the certification of the installation of gate automations please refer to the official documentation at the following links:

• Linee guida Direttiva Macchine 2006/42/CE

• Guide UNAC per l'installazione di porte e cancelli automatici